...1. Akinart fanzine

Enjoy the zen crazy  tales with:
Vampy Pig and little Buddha, the nº1. of Akinart fanzine collection.
Created and illustrated by Anika Burton.


At the studio..."today"

I open the door to the expression, to the freely present moment.
My work, my drawings are all about that.
Live, present, instant taste, what I want now?, what I want to express now?
I saw you like an infinite of possibilities, so I would start with some watercolour today...them I will draw something that it was behind the white...them  I´m going to understand better who I am.
It is all about that.


Mika´s night

...during the night I find interesting moments with Mika-chan... so お誕生日おめでとう!
Anika Burton